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Do legal cannabis products really work as well as over-the-counter Ibuprofen?

A chance conversation overheard in a health food shop involving the words ‘amazing pain relief’ has transformed Rebecca Robinson’s life. ‘Amazing pain relief’ is an elusive, much sought-after goal for many millions of people with a huge range of health problems — but after almost a lifetime of enduring the effects of a joint disorder, […]

Women crippled by ‘disintegrating’ contraceptive implant When mother-of-five Laura Linkson was offered a new form of sterilisation on the NHS that didn’t involve surgery, she didn’t hesitate. The procedure involved having an Essure device — essentially tiny metal and plastic springs — inserted into her fallopian tubes to stop eggs moving from the ovaries to the womb. The implant can […]

Major review into health scandals Prime Minister Theresa May’s sudden decision last week to review official responses to women left crippled by implanted surgical mesh is of little comfort to Dorothy Byrne. Dorothy is one of thousands of women who have suffered life-changing problems as a consequence of the use of the little-tested plastic mesh, introduced to treat incontinence […]

Faulty batteries in heart defibrillators They’re meant to be lifesaving, so imagine the terror of learning that the defibrillator implanted inside your body could have a faulty battery that might stop your heart working at any time. ‘It is a bit like hoping you have the winning lottery ticket when you really need that money,’ says Andrew Wilson, a […]

Shocking failings in the medical device industry The pain is ‘unbearable’, says Angela Young. The 47-year-old hairdresser, from Stockport, describes it graphically: ‘It’s as if you have a handful of needles shoved between your legs.’ It’s more than 40 years since women first started to complain that a surgical mesh sling designed to treat post-childbirth damage was causing excruciating pain. Their […]

999 call operators order grieving relatives to perform CPR on dead bodies Emergency call handlers are routinely issuing ‘grotesque’ instructions ordering callers to attempt to resuscitate the bodies of loved ones who are obviously beyond help, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. In horrific accounts given to this newspaper, readers have told how they were commanded to perform futile chest compressions on corpses already blackened with […]

Revealed: The frail and distressed patients left on doorsteps in the early hours to free-up hospital beds During the final months of her life, there were several occasions when Pam Waller was carried into her bungalow by ambulance crews in the middle of the night. The 83-year-old, who had dementia and was unable to use a lavatory or feed herself, would be propped up in her armchair alone in the dark. […]