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Targeting metabolic pathways: why are we missing a trick in cancer treatment?

BIOLOGICAL AND TARGETED THERAPIES, IMMUNOTHERAPY ORIGINAL PUBLICATION DATE: 30 JULY, 2015 AUTHOR: LOIS ROGERS   A new route to effective cancer treatment is emerging from research showing impressive results from drug cocktails of immunotherapy and metabolic medicines alongside conventional chemotherapy. The evidence from a growing number of studies suggests that using this approach to interfere with […]

The cut-price fertility boost that childless couples are not told about: IUI versus IVF ‘comes down to profit margins’, say doctors

Lois Rogers The Daily Mail 27 July 2015   Tracy Hedges, 36, from Dudley, was convinced she’d never conceive She’d been through four years of failed attempts to get pregnant and IVF Tried much more basic process known as IUI (intrauterine insemination) Helped her and husband Keith to have baby Maia, who is now two Just […]

The ABC of UVA

Lois Rogers The Sunday Times 19 July 2015   If you’re lying by a pool with the delicious sensation of the sun penetrating deep into your skin, stop reading now. Yes, you know the sun’s rays are harmful, but did you realise the shrivelled-prune effect favoured by a certain breed of thin Frenchwoman is caused by the longest waves of […]