Monthly Archives: December 2016

Revealed: The frail and distressed patients left on doorsteps in the early hours to free-up hospital beds During the final months of her life, there were several occasions when Pam Waller was carried into her bungalow by ambulance crews in the middle of the night. The 83-year-old, who had dementia and was unable to use a lavatory or feed herself, would be propped up in her armchair alone in the dark. […]

Fertility breakthrough offers hope for Gulf Arabs with genetic blood disorders Doctors have declared that infertility caused by treatment for inherited blood disorders affecting thousands of Gulf Arabs may at last be wiped out. In a medical breakthrough, Emirati Moaza Al Matrooshi, a 24-year-old from Dubai who was born with the fatal blood condition thalassaemia, this week became the first patient to give birth to […]

A bitter pill: the dispute over statins Caroline Fisher could only look on helplessly as Mustafa Gunaydin, her partner of 20 years, went from energetic middle age to helpless disability. As he lost weight and his hair fell out, doctors tried the accepted medical treatments, but in vain. Gunaydin shrivelled and his muscles became useless. He became too weak to speak […]