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Why asbestos in schools is STILL a deadly danger to our children: Experts predict 60,000 related deaths over the next 30 years

Annabel Freyberg, the Oxford-educated daughter of an hereditary peer, doesn’t fit the typical picture of a mesothelioma victim. The industrial disease is associated with dockyard and construction workers and is caused when needle-sharp asbestos fibres from building materials become embedded in the lungs. But Annabel, who died two-and-a-half years ago, is one of a growing […]

Why walking by a main road is as bad for you as smoking. And beware of your air freshener, too!

  William Phin, six, has a problem which may be triggered by pollution  At one, he was left dependent on oxygen cylinders to help him breathe  William, from Whitley Bay, north of Newcastle, has obliterative bronchiolitis A lung transplant is the only cure At six, William Phin has already had to deal with a deadly […]

The women saying no to breast cancer screening: As evidence rises that many are harmed by unnecessary treatment, why more women are refusing checks

More women than ever are surviving breast cancer, and that’s often credited to the national breast screening programme. The programme, which offers checks every three years to all women aged from 50 to 70, is thought to prevent 1,300 deaths a year from the disease. Yet women are questioning whether genuine cases are being uncovered at too […]

Have 800 women been killed by the Pill? The alarming dangers of taking so-called third generation contraceptives

The Daily Mail 12 February 2014 Nancy Berry died after taking Femodene Trudi Banning suffered a blood clot when she was 22 She had also been taking Femodene She survived but is now infertile Warns other women to be aware of the risks Campaigners calling on some Pills to be banned When Trudi Banning collapsed, […]

800,000 killed by beta blockers

The Sunday Times 26 January 2014   RESEARCH suggesting that as many as 800,000 people could have died unnecessarily across Europe over the past five years after being prescribed beta-blockers has sparked a row between doctors. As well as combating high blood pressure, the drugs have also been recommended for use since 2009 to reduce […]

Should your grumpy old man be on HRT? Despite doctors’ concerns,growing numbers of men insist testosterone jabs have transformed their lives

The Daily Mail 1 January 2014 Like many men in early middle age, David Quincey felt the best years of his life were already over. At 42 he was putting on weight. He was depressed and irritated by the demands of his teenage children. He felt tired out, unsexy and generally past it. ‘I was […]