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Doctors errors help jail parents Parents who have been jailed, or had their children taken away, might be the innocent victims of doctors failing to diagnose a little-known medical condition that causes joints to dislocate easily and abnormal bleeding and bruising. A lawyer who successfully campaigned for the release of mothers wrongly imprisoned for murdering their babies, including the […]

Freed paedophile gets job as teacher A paedophile teacher who worked at English private schools before he was jailed found work at a new school after his release and immediately started preying on a young boy again. Julien Bertrand, 37, from Nanterre in western Paris but educated in England, was sentenced to six years in prison in 2006 after he […]

For 60 years, Steve thought he was the only man in the world with this mortifying genital defect. But in fact it’s surprisingly common

Steve Baker, 62, from Essex, has hypospadias, a genital defect Those affected have a malformed opening in the penis ‘It affected my self-confidence and my entire personality’ Steve Baker’s entire life has been blighted by a condition that doctors, girlfriends, his siblings and even his own mother were too embarrassed to discuss with him, let […]

Good news! Forget adventurous positions and eating the ‘right’ foods…having sex twice within an hour TRIPLES men’s fertility

New research from North Middlesex Hospital suggests that having sex twice within an hour could triple a man’s chance of becoming a father Crucially, it is the second attempt that is thought to count  Experts say the results overturn the myth that men should ‘save up’ their sperm to have a baby From eating the […]

Victims start new thalidomide fight

The Sunday Times 23 February 2014 VICTIMS of a “forgotten thalidomide-style drug scandal” have begun a fresh attempt for compensation for serious birth defects linked to a pregnancy-test pill taken by 1.5m women. Some women given Primodos, a drug based on a super-strength version of hormones later used in the “morning-after” contraceptive pill, suffered instant […]

Have 800 women been killed by the Pill? The alarming dangers of taking so-called third generation contraceptives

The Daily Mail 12 February 2014 Nancy Berry died after taking Femodene Trudi Banning suffered a blood clot when she was 22 She had also been taking Femodene She survived but is now infertile Warns other women to be aware of the risks Campaigners calling on some Pills to be banned When Trudi Banning collapsed, […]

Should your grumpy old man be on HRT? Despite doctors’ concerns,growing numbers of men insist testosterone jabs have transformed their lives

The Daily Mail 1 January 2014 Like many men in early middle age, David Quincey felt the best years of his life were already over. At 42 he was putting on weight. He was depressed and irritated by the demands of his teenage children. He felt tired out, unsexy and generally past it. ‘I was […]