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The ABC of UVA

Lois Rogers The Sunday Times 19 July 2015   If you’re lying by a pool with the delicious sensation of the sun penetrating deep into your skin, stop reading now. Yes, you know the sun’s rays are harmful, but did you realise the shrivelled-prune effect favoured by a certain breed of thin Frenchwoman is caused by the longest waves of […]

Sun Safe?

The Sunday Times 27 July 2014 Skin cancer is on the rise, as doubts increase about the efficacy of sunscreens. We report on the latest research Lethal skin-cancer rates have quadrupled in a generation, as increasingly we don’t seem to be getting the best from our sunscreen. And this is a deadly serious matter: malignant […]

Getting even: The days of age spots and wrinkles may soon be over. An independent trial suggests a new breakthrough product really could really hold back the years.

The Sunday Times 21 July 2013 Many women who have been quietly appalled by friends’ forays into plastic surgery are starting to place their faith elsewhere. Not anywhere outlandish, mind you; they’re simply placing their bets on skincare once more. That’s because there’s a new generation of scientifically validated skincare innovations that offers ways of […]