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Revealed: The frail and distressed patients left on doorsteps in the early hours to free-up hospital beds

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4049530/The-frail-distrssed-patients-left-doorsteps-early-hours-free-hospital-beds.html#ixzz4TOiNAg5s During the final months of her life, there were several occasions when Pam Waller was carried into her bungalow by ambulance crews in the middle of the night. The 83-year-old, who had dementia and was unable to use a lavatory or feed herself, would be propped up in her armchair alone in the dark. […]

Patients who pay £1,000 for life-saving drugs online that would cost NHS £35,000: More and more are doing it – but doctors warn it’s a big risk

  Kim Crisell, 60, from Witham, Essex, was told he faced certain death He had been diagnosed liver disease three years ago, and looked online The best hope was to wait for a new wonder drug called Harvoni When Kim Crisell was told he faced certain death from recently diagnosed liver disease three years ago, […]

Sickening rip off: Smaller than a matchstick, this is a year’s dose of a life extending blood cancer drug. The NHS pays £115,000 for it – yet it costs just £100 to make

  Mani Coulter, 42, from Caversham, Berks, had only months to live in 2012 Became one of first people in Britain to be given Kadcyla for breast cancer Three years on, she’s convinced the £90,000-a-year treatment saved her life Mani Coulter is testimony to the wonders of modern medicine. When she became one of the […]