Monthly Archives: February 2016

Why walking by a main road is as bad for you as smoking. And beware of your air freshener, too!

  William Phin, six, has a problem which may be triggered by pollution  At one, he was left dependent on oxygen cylinders to help him breathe  William, from Whitley Bay, north of Newcastle, has obliterative bronchiolitis A lung transplant is the only cure At six, William Phin has already had to deal with a deadly […]

UK breakthrough on zika vaccine

BRITISH scientists believe they have developed a vaccine that will tackle the zika virus by neutralising disease-laden mosquito saliva before the virus can spread around the body. Experts at Seek, a small biotech firm in London, think the vaccine will also be effective against other mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, and it […]

Osborne family firm pays no corporation tax

By Lois Rogers and Jon Ungoed-Thomas GEORGE OSBORNE has shared in a £335,000 dividend payout from his family’s profitable wallpaper business — even though it has not paid any UK corporation tax for the past seven years. A Sunday Times analysis of the accounts of the parent company of the family business, Osborne & Little Group Ltd, reveals that it […]