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Breast implants linked to blood cancer The breast implants that may be linked to blood cancer: Linzy was baffled by her symptoms but doctors solved the mystery in time for her to make a full recovery. Linzy Bromfield, 48, believes she is lucky to be alive after her breast implants triggered a rare type of cancer. ‘My doctors said if […]

Is it possible to reverse Alzheimer’s? As the frazzled mother of four children under ten, Eleanor Smith didn’t think it was significant when she couldn’t recognise her children’s friends at the school gates. Then, when she started mixing up actors’ faces and couldn’t follow plotlines any more, she put it down to middle-aged absent-mindedness. As a former lawyer who had […]

Should your grumpy old man be on HRT? Despite doctors’ concerns,growing numbers of men insist testosterone jabs have transformed their lives

The Daily Mail 1 January 2014 Like many men in early middle age, David Quincey felt the best years of his life were already over. At 42 he was putting on weight. He was depressed and irritated by the demands of his teenage children. He felt tired out, unsexy and generally past it. ‘I was […]

Something in the water

The Sunday Times 20 October 2013 Having spent the best part of the past century trying to eliminate germs from our daily lives, scientists are now making discoveries almost every week demonstrating just how good for us many types of bacteria really are. The craze for probiotic drinks to colonise the digestive tract with health-giving […]