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Gosport hospital deaths inquiry looks into 800 certificates signed by Dr Opiate A retired female GP is at the centre of a £13m inquiry into hundreds of deaths that may have been caused by overdoses. The death certificates of 833 patients at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital in Hampshire are being re-examined as part of the inquiry by the Gosport independent panel, which is investigating claims […]

The women left unable to sit down for years after; having a baby For years after the birth of her daughter in 2003, Debra Shaw regarded the prospect of any sort of treat — a foreign holiday, a trip to the cinema, or a meal in a restaurant — with total dismay. For she couldn’t sit down because of agonising pain radiating from her coccyx, the bony […]

Osborne family firm pays no corporation tax

By Lois Rogers and Jon Ungoed-Thomas GEORGE OSBORNE has shared in a £335,000 dividend payout from his family’s profitable wallpaper business — even though it has not paid any UK corporation tax for the past seven years. A Sunday Times analysis of the accounts of the parent company of the family business, Osborne & Little Group Ltd, reveals that it […]

The cut-price fertility boost that childless couples are not told about: IUI versus IVF ‘comes down to profit margins’, say doctors

Lois Rogers The Daily Mail 27 July 2015   Tracy Hedges, 36, from Dudley, was convinced she’d never conceive She’d been through four years of failed attempts to get pregnant and IVF Tried much more basic process known as IUI (intrauterine insemination) Helped her and husband Keith to have baby Maia, who is now two Just […]

Have 800 women been killed by the Pill? The alarming dangers of taking so-called third generation contraceptives

The Daily Mail 12 February 2014 Nancy Berry died after taking Femodene Trudi Banning suffered a blood clot when she was 22 She had also been taking Femodene She survived but is now infertile Warns other women to be aware of the risks Campaigners calling on some Pills to be banned When Trudi Banning collapsed, […]