Monthly Archives: October 2017

Failure of ‘easy’ contraception A ‘surprise’ baby four years ago when she was 43 convinced Jackie Miles she needed permanent birth control. The mother-of-three wanted to put her childbearing years behind her. But it was a decision Jackie has lived to regret bitterly. She is one of more than 34,000 women worldwide who claim they’ve suffered a range […]

Faulty batteries in heart defibrillators They’re meant to be lifesaving, so imagine the terror of learning that the defibrillator implanted inside your body could have a faulty battery that might stop your heart working at any time. ‘It is a bit like hoping you have the winning lottery ticket when you really need that money,’ says Andrew Wilson, a […]

Shocking failings in the medical device industry The pain is ‘unbearable’, says Angela Young. The 47-year-old hairdresser, from Stockport, describes it graphically: ‘It’s as if you have a handful of needles shoved between your legs.’ It’s more than 40 years since women first started to complain that a surgical mesh sling designed to treat post-childbirth damage was causing excruciating pain. Their […]

Rise in university campus suicides For the vast majority of students now starting at university or returning to their studies, life attached to a campus is a positive experience. But after years of being nurtured and guided by their parents, it can be a massive leap for some — not only are they now responsible for themselves, they must […]