Monthly Archives: May 2020

The cell receptors found in the nose, lungs and gut that could be the reason why being overweight (or a man) makes YOU more at risk of catching coronavirus Every week the alarming truth about the Covid-19 coronavirus is becoming clearer. Some of us are much more likely to die from it than others, and the key reasons are just beginning to be unravelled by scientists. For most fit and healthy people, the risk is small to non-existent; but for others, the possibility […]

Is inflammation the link between dementia, cancer and coronavirus? Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, Covid-19 — apparently unconnected conditions, but at the root of them all lies one problem: inflammation. This is now emerging as the key factor in many diseases, and a process we need to understand better if we want to reduce our risk of everything from dementia to […]

Vital fingertip alarm that can protect lives: Doctors call for oxygen monitors to be prescribed to most vulnerable Doctors have launched a campaign calling for home devices that measure blood oxygen levels to be available on prescription. They act as an early warning system for people at increased risk of a ‘silent pneumonia’ death due to coronavirus. They want the matchbox-sized gadgets, known as pulse oximeters, to be given to those in […]