Monthly Archives: June 2020

The 3p wonder pill: Metformin is already used for diabetes, but now doctors hope it could work for heart disease, cancer and even Covid. Suzy Birkett thinks the drugs industry ‘has taken its eye off the ball’ by looking in the wrong direction for treatments for her illness. ‘I might have been able to walk between the raindrops of this disease by doing something different from what they suggest,’ she says. ‘This disease’ is advanced breast cancer, which […]

Can we trust ANY antibody test? With more than 200 different brands offering them, top expert argues there’s little proof they all work More and more people are desperate to know if they have already had coronavirus as evidence grows that the vast majority of those infected with Covid-19 have no symptoms at all. Antibody tests are still held up as our way out of lockdown — at the very least, allowing healthcare workers to assist vulnerable […]