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Scandal of patients denied 5p pill that shrinks cancer: Last week we revealed NHS pays crazily high prices for life extending drugs. But the madness doesn’t end there

Sickening rip-off sees patients not being offered effective ‘old’ treatments Instead, the emphasis is on the latest, often eyewateringly expensive drugs Cancer patient Mary Nike, 58, from Brewood, was treated with a 5p pill   Within seven weeks of starting on a new treatment, the tumour in Mary Nike’s left breast had shrunk from 1½ […]

Sickening rip off: Smaller than a matchstick, this is a year’s dose of a life extending blood cancer drug. The NHS pays £115,000 for it – yet it costs just £100 to make

  Mani Coulter, 42, from Caversham, Berks, had only months to live in 2012 Became one of first people in Britain to be given Kadcyla for breast cancer Three years on, she’s convinced the £90,000-a-year treatment saved her life Mani Coulter is testimony to the wonders of modern medicine. When she became one of the […]

New jab to end need for annual flu shot

SCIENTISTS believe they are close to creating a universal flu vaccine that could end the need for annual injections in as little as three years. A team of researchers from Seek, a small biotech firm in London, developed the FLU-v vaccine after working on a group of non mutating proteins that are common to all strains of the flu virus, including those that can cause pandemics. FLU-v accelerates the creation of particular groups of T-cells, a type of […]

Crippled by statins: Cholesterol-busting drugs left David in a wheelchair – but doctors insisted he keep taking them

David Purkiss started taking a statin when he was 44 He was at risk of a heart attack and was told it could protect him The carpenter, now 70, from Titchfield, developed terrible muscle pains When David Purkiss was told he was at risk of a heart attack, and taking a cholesterol-lowering statin could protect him, it […]