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Cleaning Up

The Sunday Times 17 August 2014 The mineral breakthrough by Lois Rogers How the minerals in water affect our hair is an issue that’s been occupying scientific beauty minds for a while. Studies on the subject began with the split-end problems suffered by sheep (yes, seriously), and our woolly friends may have helped provide the […]

Miracles can happen

The science behind anti-ageing creams is increasingly becoming fact rather than fiction. The Sunday Times,  Published: 29 January 2012, Lois Rogers As consumers, we’ve been sceptical for years about how much anti-ageing the beauty world can really deliver. As beauty merges more with science, however, that outlook is due for a shake-up. Proctor & Gamble has […]

Flash, bang, dollop – ingredients used in film ‘stop signs of ageing’

The Sunday Times Published: 22 January 2012 Lois Rogers The chemical process that stops old photographic negatives from fading has been adapted to do much the same for people, a cosmetics manufacturer claims. With digital cameras killing off traditional photographic film, the Japanese company Fujifilm has partly reinvented itself as a supplier of anti-ageing treatments […]