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Targeting metabolic pathways: why are we missing a trick in cancer treatment?

BIOLOGICAL AND TARGETED THERAPIES, IMMUNOTHERAPY ORIGINAL PUBLICATION DATE: 30 JULY, 2015 AUTHOR: LOIS ROGERS   A new route to effective cancer treatment is emerging from research showing impressive results from drug cocktails of immunotherapy and metabolic medicines alongside conventional chemotherapy. The evidence from a growing number of studies suggests that using this approach to interfere with […]

The women saying no to breast cancer screening: As evidence rises that many are harmed by unnecessary treatment, why more women are refusing checks

More women than ever are surviving breast cancer, and that’s often credited to the national breast screening programme. The programme, which offers checks every three years to all women aged from 50 to 70, is thought to prevent 1,300 deaths a year from the disease. Yet women are questioning whether genuine cases are being uncovered at too […]

Cleaning Up

The Sunday Times 17 August 2014 The mineral breakthrough by Lois Rogers How the minerals in water affect our hair is an issue that’s been occupying scientific beauty minds for a while. Studies on the subject began with the split-end problems suffered by sheep (yes, seriously), and our woolly friends may have helped provide the […]