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Epilepsy drug link to brain damage in 17,500 babies

The Sunday Times 3 February 2013 Lois Rogers AN ESTIMATED 17,500 babies with mental development disorders have been born to mothers using the anti-epilepsy drug Epilim in pregnancy, according to a new study. It is estimated that more than one in three babies born to mothers using Epilim since its launch in 1973, have suffered […]

‘I will do everything to protect our baby from evil’

Daksha Emson set fire to herself and her baby daughter. She had been suffering from a postnatal psychosis that can turn mothers into murderers The Sunday Times 13 January 2012 Lois Rogers David Emson began an otherwise unremarkable autumn afternoon threading his way impatiently through London’s rush-hour crowds. A hospital radiographer, full of the joys […]

Flash, bang, dollop – ingredients used in film ‘stop signs of ageing’

The Sunday Times Published: 22 January 2012 Lois Rogers The chemical process that stops old photographic negatives from fading has been adapted to do much the same for people, a cosmetics manufacturer claims. With digital cameras killing off traditional photographic film, the Japanese company Fujifilm has partly reinvented itself as a supplier of anti-ageing treatments […]