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New breast implant cancer scandal: As revealed in the heartbreaking account of this mother — who was forced to tell her son she may die September is going to be a difficult month for Irene Kennedy, as she waits to discover if she has unwittingly exposed herself to a death sentence. ‘I’m due a letter any day now to invite me for the first check-up since I had my breast implants removed in February,’ she says. ‘That will tell […]

One in six couples who have fertility treatment at vast personal cost go on to conceive naturally. Now meet the families who did just that – and say they’re proof you don’t need IVF Laura Slattery was just 19 when she was first referred for IVF after trying to get pregnant for a year. ‘We were told the tests showed I had poor-quality eggs and that my fiance Daniel had a low sperm count,’ she says. Laura underwent two NHS-funded attempts at IVF, using a technique called intracytoplasmic […]

Could cheap drugs (up to a century old) be the new way to tackle cancer? As a GP, Lisa McGrath had always considered herself healthy, but then, at 42, she found a lump in her breast, and was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. It was, as Lisa recalls seven years later, a complete shock. ‘I have never smoked and hardly drink,’ she says. ‘I run regularly and the most […]

Do legal cannabis products really work as well as over-the-counter Ibuprofen?

A chance conversation overheard in a health food shop involving the words ‘amazing pain relief’ has transformed Rebecca Robinson’s life. ‘Amazing pain relief’ is an elusive, much sought-after goal for many millions of people with a huge range of health problems — but after almost a lifetime of enduring the effects of a joint disorder, […]