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Can we trust ANY antibody test? With more than 200 different brands offering them, top expert argues there’s little proof they all work More and more people are desperate to know if they have already had coronavirus as evidence grows that the vast majority of those infected with Covid-19 have no symptoms at all. Antibody tests are still held up as our way out of lockdown — at the very least, allowing healthcare workers to assist vulnerable […]

The cell receptors found in the nose, lungs and gut that could be the reason why being overweight (or a man) makes YOU more at risk of catching coronavirus Every week the alarming truth about the Covid-19 coronavirus is becoming clearer. Some of us are much more likely to die from it than others, and the key reasons are just beginning to be unravelled by scientists. For most fit and healthy people, the risk is small to non-existent; but for others, the possibility […]

Is inflammation the link between dementia, cancer and coronavirus? Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, Covid-19 — apparently unconnected conditions, but at the root of them all lies one problem: inflammation. This is now emerging as the key factor in many diseases, and a process we need to understand better if we want to reduce our risk of everything from dementia to […]

Vital fingertip alarm that can protect lives: Doctors call for oxygen monitors to be prescribed to most vulnerable Doctors have launched a campaign calling for home devices that measure blood oxygen levels to be available on prescription. They act as an early warning system for people at increased risk of a ‘silent pneumonia’ death due to coronavirus. They want the matchbox-sized gadgets, known as pulse oximeters, to be given to those in […]

Should YOU spend £190 on an immunity test? Some doctors are charging a high price to find out if you’ve had Covid-19 Who will be struck down by Covid-19 and who has already had it are questions that are key to ending the lockdown that began five weeks ago. And central to this is testing. The Government promised to provide 100,000 tests a day by the end of this week to check — using a swab […]

How losing weight could be key to surviving Covid-19: Excess mass makes it harder for lungs to supply oxygen to vital organs The latest evidence is that most people have no risk of dying from Covid-19. However, the bad news is the virus probably won’t be eliminated by the lockdown. Doctors are now saying the findings so far suggest there’s more we can all do to reduce the risk of Covid-19 causing us serious illness. The […]

Growing fear you can catch Covid-19 more than once as patients who’ve recovered start to test positive again For those who have already been infected with Covid-19, the idea of having an immunity certificate to allow a return to normal life sounds like an attractive prospect. The proposal, put forward by Health Secretary Matt Hancock earlier this month, is based on the theory that having the virus and beating it means we […]

New implant illness doctors tried to dismiss: Fatigue, chronic pain, insomnia, even hair loss The pain felt as if my life was leaving my body and no one could do anything to help me,’ says Ana Remigio, 45. ‘I had awful joint and muscle pain in my hands, wrists and toes, as well as terrible fatigue, headaches and pain in my breasts. ‘Sometimes I couldn’t get out of […]

Why women’s agonising UTIs are STILL being misdiagnosed: Bacteria in urine samples often vanish by the time test tube gets to lab for analysis The crippling pain that was to become all too familiar for Carolyn Andrew first struck when she was on holiday. ‘The problems all started after a six-hour drive from London to Edinburgh in August 2016,’ she says. ‘I spent the next ten days in agony, hardly leaving the hotel room. ‘I went to a […]

Meet the women whose lives were ruined by operations they didn’t even need and the mesh-implant surgery that has devastating consequences Emily May loved nothing more than a refreshing early morning swim on a deserted beach. ‘I used to go down there with my friends at 6am on summer mornings when no one else was around,’ she says. Those idyllic days from less than a decade ago, when Emily was a promising fashion design student […]